JS Dream Textile College was founded in the greater Los Angeles area to serve the commercial textiles industry in 2007.
We researched and discovered a need for more up-to-date computerized training in this area. Even though the textile industry is very successful with the machinery used in the past, the modern techniques of today are computerized.

This system will enable the textile industry to advance their system and allow faster and more accurate styles…of fabrication. Not just in the United States but in the world, California takes up a large proportion in the fashion industry more than in any other businesses.

Within the fashion industry, textile design is a sector that has the greatest value added as well as employment potential. JS Dream Textile College is formally certified by the state with a one full year of course work. The entire program is done through computer instructions, starting from introductory computer courses to professional design programs, and the scope of the coursework covers from introductory textile knowledge to textile print production. Also, for graduating students, we provide ample career development support for portfolio preparation and employment.

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